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The Complicated Life Of James Hemings, The First American Chef In France

Credited with introducing the U.S. to mac and cheese James Hemings was the first American chef to train in France; He was also enslaved by Thomas Jefferson.

The Real Reason Palm Oil Is Rooted In Controversy

Palm oil is in everything these days, from food to personal care products. Learn about the controversy surrounding this oil, and what can be done about it.

The International Commission That Manages Tuna Protection Standards

In 2019, the University of British Columbia found that the 1000% increase in tuna fishing meant that fisheries had exceeded sustainable capacity.

Lawry's Is Known For Its Iconic Seasoning And This Special Cut Of Beef

Lawry's seasoning has been around for years and is a staple in many people's spice cabinets. Here's the special entree it's known to pair well with.

H&H Soul Food Restaurant's Unique Connection To Rock Royalty

Located in Macon, Georgia, the establishment was founded in 1959 by two African American entrepreneurs whose soul food would feed many Southern rockers.

Gordon Ramsay On His Ultimate Cooking Tips And His Fellow Celeb Chefs - Exclusive Interview

Gordon Ramsay gave us a host of cooking tips, from elevating Triscuit crackers and scrambled eggs to making the perfect steaks and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Ice Cream's Sweet Origin Could Date Back To The Tang Dynasty

Although the origins of ice cream go back as far as 54 BC, the ancient versions are a world away from the pints of Ben & Jerry's we dig into today.

The Reason Cheesecake Isn't Technically Cake

Most fans might think of cheesecake as a uniquely American dessert, but the origins of the sweet treat beloved by millions actually date back to ancient Greece.

New Study Shows Bees May Be The Answer To Preventing Future Food Crises

Bees are a vital part of our agricultural system, pollinating crops and flowers, but a new study shows how important they could be to preventing food crises.

The Reason McDonald's Is Planning To Exit Kazakhstan After Just 6 Years

McDonald's has already pulled its restaurants from Russia. And without a suitable meat supplier, the company may withdraw from Kazakhstan as well.