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How Meatballs Might Have Originated From Persian Cooking

Meatballs may seem an American staple but the history of the comfort food goes back much further. Here's a potted history of that scrumptious little ball.

How A Tainted Can Of Olives Led To The US Food Safety System

The urgent response from health officials to a 1919 deadly outbreak caused by a tainted can of olives would be the turning point for food safety in the U.S.

Why Gael Greene Was Called The 'Insatiable' Food Critic

Acclaimed restaurant critic Gael Greene was so passionate and her love of food was so intense, she was often called -- and self-identified as -- "insatiable."

Arkansas' Oldest Dairy Bar Has Been Around Since The 1930s

Seemingly trapped in time, Betty's Old Fashion has been operating for nearly 90 years -- and still going strong. Take a look at Arkansas's oldest dairy bar.

Zucchini Parmesan Is A Classic Neapolitan Casserole

Layered with flavor and culture, zucchini parmesan doesn't lack for much. Here's why this Neapolitan casserole remains a classic dish.

Why We Think You Should Put The TikTok Brownie Freezing Hack On Ice

While these Nutella and Biscoff-stuffed brownies may be delicious, they require a lot of effort to bake.

What Makes Sourdough Pasta Unique

If you think you've seen it all when it comes to sourdough, you may be surprised to learn about sourdough pasta and what makes it so unique.

The Plant Marshmallows Were Originally Made From

When you look at the marshmallow, you don't often associate it with leafy greens, but a plant is exactly where the marshmallow got its name and beginnings.

The Surprisingly Delicious Pairing Of Olive Oil And Ice Cream

We've found a mystifying food pairing that may or may not become the dynamic dessert duo your taste buds have been waiting for: olive oil and ice cream.

How Herbert Hoover Pioneered Meatless Mondays

Meatless Mondays is a movement embraced by people around the world -- but it has political roots. Here's how Herbert Hoover pioneered Meatless Mondays.